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Maamess 2017 april 20th-22nd

Dear exhibitors!
29.04.2016 Big thanks for participation at the MAAMESS

I am happy that with you we managed to organize the largest ever Maamess! This year's keywords were practical and functional booths, professional specialists, good weather and a cheerful mood! The number of visitors rose by 8.2%, with most (17%) on the first day- Thursday. Visitors with invetations increased by 19%. I hope that the days of the fair were successful and targets, that were set before the fair were met. Maamess 2016 visitor number was 44,260, which is 8.2% more than last year.

Days divided by visitors:
Thursday 23% ( 10 180 visitors )
Friday 38% ( 16 818 visitors )
Saturday 39% ( 17 262 vistors )

Maamess 2017 will be held on the 20th-22nd April at AS Tartu Exhibition Fair Centre! Reservations for next years fair can be sent immediatley, sale and detailed locations of exhibitions will start in autumn!

All your suggestions and feedback for Maamess is greatly valued and appreciated.

Maamess 2016 facts
  • 460 companies
  • 44 260 visitors
  • 140 new companies
  • 10 countries
  • 60 000 m2 of exhibition space
  • 5900 m2 of hall space
  • 600 m2 tent for livestock exhibitions
  • 600 m2 Maamess market tent
  • 70 accredited journalists from Estonia and abroad
  • Over 200 media covers, including all estonian tv-stations
  • Free Maamess catalogue with welcome bag for visitors
  • Postimees and Maa Elu were official Maamess media-partners
  • Maamess special publication in Postimees full circulation with fair plan and lists of participants
  • Live coverage of Maamess first day by Postimees
  • Fair news was coded with the symbol of COW
  • The Show Arena hosted the Young Gardener 2016 competitions
  • International lumberjack competitions- Spring Cup 2016
  • Maamess opening event in Tartu city centre prior to the fair and the mayor´s welcome with the symbolic transfer of power to farmers for MAAMESS week

How to move around at Maamess?
Maamess takes over 60 000 square metres of space and exhibitions are both in indoor and outdoor space. In addition to Tartu fair centre’s stationary A-,B- and C-halls there are also D-, E- (animals tent) and F-hall (market tent) and also an Show Arena.

You will be helped by:

  • Maamess scheme, what you can find in Maamess official catalogue and on plans set up in information. kataloogist kui infopunktidesse üles seatud plaanidelt.
  • Road signs set up on the crossing points. There are 7 wider roads in outside space (Pargi tee, Ringtee, Metsatee, Kesktee, Galerii tee, Suur Ring, Aianduse tee) and 7 narrower roads (Sihi 1, Sihi 2, Sihi 3, Sihi 4, Sihi 5, Metsa Põik, Farmi tee).
  • Information workers who can be found in A-hall information spot and 1182 information area in front of fair centre.
Important symbols on scheme:

Maamess entrance





Mamess news

How to come to Maamess?
The most comfortable way to come to Maamess is to use public transport – nr 6, 8, 16, 16A and 20 stop in “Tartu Näitused” bus stop.

Who plan to come with car has to know that the fair centre’s parking lot is only for exhibitors. Visitors can park in “Laululava” parking lots, where parking is for free. From there to Maamess is a 5-minute walk.
Leaving car in the city centre one option is to come to Maamess on foot – to Maamess is a 20-minute walk. Also it is possible to rent bicycles – rent costs 5€ per day. You can rent bicycles near the market in the city centre and near Maamess.

Dear visitors!
24th Maamess brings together news from agriculture, forestry, gardening and food industry. Maamess hosts 450 companies from 10 countries.

Every Maamess is unique. We can say for sure that the number of companies and visitors has grown every year – this year Maamess hosts 450 companies and takes 60 000 square metres of exhibition space.

Maamess as a mirror of rural life gives an excellent opportunity to make company visible and familiar for agricultural companies and organizations, foresters, gardening enthusiasts and food industry. Maamess is a meeting place for professionals to exchange latest information, establish new contacts and make deals. Maamess is also important to people living in cities, to whom Maamess brings fresh food and gives an opportunity to explore rural life, because Maamess is versatile:

XXIV International Agricultural Exhibition
XXII International Timber Processing & Forestry Exhibition
XXII Food Fair
XVIII Gardening Exhibition

Maamess is a main event for many companies to show new products and to communicate with clients. The heavy equipment presented in fair is also one of the audience magnets. Similar to last years all interesting news are marked with a special sign, originated from Maamess’ graphic design, this year with “cow-sign”. Definitely all machines which are modern etc are marked so visitors can find them easily.

Due to this year’s graphic design, Maamess pays attention to milk and dairy products – milk is like a “white gold” in Estonia. Maamess contributes by agitating visitors to consume local dairy products. Maamess will have many displays where visitors can taste dairy products and buy them. Of course there will be a cow in animal’s tent.

Maamess’ Show Arena has a busy schedule. On the first day there will be a competition between gardening students and traditionally Kevadkarikas opens the season of foresters competitions.

Welcome to Tartu! See you at Maamess!

Margus Kikkul
Maamess’ Project Manager

Maamess registration
Detailed informaion and application forms can be found on 'Exhibitors' page HERE!

Dear exhibitors!
MAAMESS 2016, 21-23 April, Tartu Fairs Centre, ESTONIA

40 890 visitors, 450 companies from 9 countries and 50 000 square metres of exhibition space – that was last year’s MAAMESS, organised by Tartu Fairs Ltd. Annual visitor numbers are growing steadily, and this is all the more gratifying because the fair is designed primarily for professionals.

MAAMESS is like a mirror of rural life: an excellent opportunity to make your company visible and familiar to farmers and agricultural organisations. Here foresters and agriculturalists, food industry representatives and gardening enthusiasts can establish new contacts, exchange the latest information and gain useful experience.

XXIV International Agricultural Exhibition
XXII International Timber Processing & Forestry Exhibition
XXII Food Fair
XVIII Gardening Exhibition

The high quality of MAAMESS is confirmed its membership of EURASCO, the organisation uniting the largest agricultural exhibition organisers in Europe. MAAMESS also cooperates with fairs conducted in neighbouring countries that are dedicated to agriculture and rural life.

It is wonderful that with each passing year there are more and more companies and delegations from abroad among MAAMESS participants. The fair is not a purely Estonian event – it is important for many foreign companies. The participation of 42 companies from other countries in last year’s Maamess is testament to this, as is the high number of delegations and their composition. The opening of the fair was attended by foreign guests of the Baltic Agroforum, including representatives of several countries and international organisations.

I am certain that the 24th MAAMESS will be comprehensive and productive. Returning participants and new companies are equally welcome! You can find more information about MAAMESS 2016 from www.maamess.ee.

To take part in MAAMESS, please fill in the registration form and send it to the organizer.

Welcome to Tartu!
See you at Maamess!

Margus Kikkul
Maamess, Project Manager